Boys are different from girls in so many ways because they are wired differently.

For those with boys at home, I believe you know about their boisterous, aggressive, excitable, risk taking nature. They are always up to something to occupy themselves with. Stopping them from being who they have been wired to be is counter productive. What parents, guardians or teachers should be more concerned about is how to channel their energies to good use.

One way is to occupy them with meaningful activities like learning musical instruments, going for swimming lessons, enrolling them in martial art classes like taekwondo etc. There are a whole lot of things we can engage our boys in that will be of great benefits to them. We can also allow them to play outside in safe area like. Let them run around, play football, hide & seek etc if you live in a safe neighbourhood. Some of us will rather give phones, ipads, tablets or games to our boys to keep them quiet rather than engage them in productive ventures.

There are so many things that are responsible for the difference in boys and girls or males and females generally. One of them is the effect of the male hormone – testosterone. This hormone is produced mainly in the testes but also in ovaries that means females also have it but in a much lower amount than in males. The hormone helps in the development of sexual organs in males and it’s also responsible for the development of typical male characteristics. An active male like a sportsman will definitely have higher level of testosterone than a man who is not active.

Now, when your male toddler is wearing you off because of his hyperactivity, just keep him busy. Female toddlers too are very active but most boys typically have more energy that girls of the same age and background. Get educational toys, engage him you know, parenting takes time and effort. Wear him off with play and see him sleep like a baby literally. I have experienced this first hand. Each time I take my boys out to play, they usually play very hard and I can be rest assured that they will go to bed early and sleep soundly too.

When next you look at your children – male and female and you wonder why they are so different, why the girls will want to play with dolls while the boys will rather play with guns or cars, know one of the things that is responsible for that.They have been wired differently and they must surely act differently. I will encourage you to pray to God for wisdom on the best way to channel their energy positively. Stay strong and informed on this journey of raising boys to become wholesome men!


Dare to raise godly children!

I think and I actually believe most of how we will act in our marriages is set before we leave our parents home in our late teens/early twenties. We’ve learnt most of what we need to learn in terms of values, beliefs, mindsets etc. We’ve observed and seen enough to make up our minds on how we will run our homes when we get married.

That means if we need to break the chains of wrong mindsets and values, it must begin with parents. It must begin from our homes

So parents, you have the responsibility to model godly values and mindsets to your children. It is more of what you do than what you say. So, let that change begin not just because of you or your spouse but because of the children who will become just like you when they grow up. The world is hurting please, don’t add to it.

Dare to raise godly children not just by words but most importantly by your deeds. Model godliness, kindness, respect and love to your children.