It’s my baby’s birthday today. When you saw baby, I’m sure you will think he’s 1 or 2 year old. No, he’s 5 years today! I can’t believe it’s already 5 years when I held my baby in my arm for the first time. He was very active right from day one. His incessant crying was very disturbing especially as his older brother was very calm as a baby. He will wake the whole house with non-stop crying.

I’m happy he’s five today. He’s intelligent, humorous, fearless and  loves Jesus. He is a self-acclaimed girls lover. He says ‘mummy, I love girls’. That’s a prayer point right there. I pray for his purity and sexuality. I pray he will be sexually pure.

My prayer for him today is that the light of God will shine upon his path. God will cause His face to shine on him. He will be taught of the Lord and great will be his peace in Jesus name amen. I love the last prayer because if boys/men are taught by God the difference will be clear. There will be peace – absence of chaos, and is that not what the world need so much right now?

I pray your boys will submit to God’s teaching. God Himself will teach them and they will experience great peace in Jesus name amen.

Please wish my big baby a happy birthday. Stay blessed.


Happy New Year 

This is a brand new year filled with so much grace,  hope and possibilities. It’s a great opportunity to start parenting with purpose,  consistently doing things that will stand the test of time. It’s a year to take our good intentions to another realm – a realm of acting on those good intentions.

The year is filled with grace so receive the grace to do right. Do not slack in parenting boys that will not inflict pains on anyone. Men of integrity, purpose, solid character, men of substance, leaders, successful, godly and confident.

I will suggest you start from the basic principles this year. Check God’s words, look at the society and the vices being perpetuated by men, then you will find what to teach your children. Don’t let any day pass without impacting their lives. May God help you in Jesus name amen.