Four ways to make your son eat healthy.

‘Health is wealth’ is a popular saying which is true in every sense of it. One way that we can lay a good foundation for healthy living for our sons is by what we feed them or what we allow them to consume. I am going to outline three ways that we can encourage our sons to eat healthy. They are as follows;

  1. Cook healthy meals for your family. If you don’t cook it, they won’t eat it especially if they eat most of their meals at home. Join groups, read books and learn how to cook healthy meals. Grill your meats and fishes instead of frying, don’t overcook your food. Use natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, soya beans oil that are not over-processed instead of refined and over-bleached oil. Buy fresh food where available instead of canned food. Limit your eating out to once in a while because most restaurant meals are laden with fat, salt and sweeteners.
  2. Most children do not like to eat fruits and vegetables. Find a way to make fruits colourful and appealing to them. Cut them to nice shapes and character.Fruit platesOne way I add vegetables to their meal is to boil and blend vegetables such as carrots, green beans, celery, green pepper and use the paste as sauce for rice, yam or The last time I experimented with this mixture, I blended more of carrots and onions and added to stew. My boys didn’t suspect anything at all.
  3. Don’t stock your house with junks. If you don’t have it or buy it, you won’t consume it. I made up my mind to stop buying instant noodles after I read a post on Natural Nigerian. It wasn’t easy to stop completely. I first of all reduced the frequency of its consumption to once or twice a week but I discovered that it was a go-to meal whenever I wasn’t available at home. So, I stopped altogether. We’ve largely replaced it with sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, beans and pasta. Cut down on their sugar intake too. Let candies and juices be treats rather than their everyday meal.
  4. Lead by example. Let them see you eat healthy, then they will copy you. There is a way you can be eating healthy and pass on a different message to your children. It might be a subtle message that those are for mummy or daddy and these are for us. Encourage every member of your family to eat healthy. Be consistent, in summary, do what you preach.

These are by no means exhaustive. What are your thoughts? What have you done that has worked for you? Please, tell.