Myths about men – Things I don’t/won’t teach my sons

I have heard so many things from people about men. Some are true while some are completely false. They are mere myths – widely held but false belief and idea. They are as follow. The list is not exhaustive, so, kindly add yours. Let’s get to business.

1. All men cheat. I have heard different figures in terms of percentage of men who cheat. I have seen figures like more than 90%, 95%, 99.999%. You know it is alarming that all the figures are above 90%. None of the people who quote these percentages have a figure less than 90%. Unfortunately or is it fortunately, there is nothing whatsoever to back up this claims. I’m not aware of any poll or survey that back up this claim.

2. It’s a man’s world. I did a post on this few weeks ago. Here is the link <; to the post.

3. Men are polygamous in nature. It’s a big lie. No man or woman is polygamous in nature. He who created them created them male and female not male and females or males and female. Anything different from a monogamous relationship in marriage is a lie from the pit of hell. You may be asking, ‘what of men of old like Abraham, Jacob, Esau, David etc? My question to you will be what of Adam, Isaac, Simon Peter ( No mention was made of 2 mother-in etc. Remember also that it is they two shall be one not they three shall be one.

4. Men are not supposed to cry. Then why did God give them tear glands? This is another myth. A study has shown that women live longer than men because they vent their issues by crying. Men will rather bottle them up because they have been conditioned not to cry. I’m not saying men should be crying at every slightest provocation, what I’m saying is that it is okay to cry if you need to. Don’t bottle it up!

5. If a man agrees with his wife all the time, he is a woman’s wrapper…lol! A wife is supposed to be her husband’s helper. If you refuse to accept that help, then I don’t know why you decided to get married.

I will stop here. Kindly add yours to the list.


Raising Boys through prayers#- Knock down the strongholds!

2 Corinthians 10:3-5NLT

We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do. We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ.

Your weapon to knock down strongholds of human reasoning and destroy false arguments is in the Word of God. Pray the Scriptures into their lives.

Destroy every proud obstacles that keep men from knowing God. Capture every rebellious thoughts and teach/pray that your boys will obey Christ in Jesus name amen.

God will grant you wisdom and grace as we raise the next generation of great, confident, godly and successful men in Jesus name amen.

Raising Boys through Prayers#- Let there be light! 

The first thing God created after He created the heavens and earth was light. He said let their be light and there was light. My prayer for our boys today is that God will shine His light upon them. They will walk in light and not in darkness. They will represent light and not darkness. They will shine as light in the mighty name of Jesus. See Job 33:28-30, Psalm 43:3 When Jesus Christ was born, the people who dwell in darkness saw a great light so shall it be for your boys. Their light will not turn to darkness in Jesus name amen