I will like to write about nipping things -bad behaviour, character, traits, etc in the bud. To nip something in the bud mean to put an end to that thing before it becomes a full-blown issue. In case of a behaviour, before it becomes reinforced.

One skill that we require to do this is observation. We need to be very observant to notice any of those things that we need to stop immediately. We need to be on the look out especially for things we or our spouse currently struggle with.

So, when you observe and see your son acting bossy and commanding everyone is the time to correct that behaviour. It will also be very nice to teach him say, about leadership at his level, boldness, confidence, difference between a boss and a leader etc. The important thing is to replace a negative knowledge that drives bad behaviour with a positive one.

I will also recommend praying about things we don’t like about our boys. I can testify that prayer works and fast too. So, start observing without being obsessed about it….lol, if you don’t like what you are seeing,  have a conversation with your son telling him what is expected of him. Be consistent in nipping things in the bud. Lastly, don’t forget to pray for them. Let your prayers shape their life.

Praying that you will tap into God’s grace in Jesus name amen.