Your good intention is not enough!

Sometimes we meant well by what our actions. We are guided by our values and desires with good intentions but have we weighed those values, actions, confessions, desires, mission statement etc with God’s word?
I’m sure we have chosen to attend a particular church because of her doctrine. Do those doctrines have root in God’s word? Have you forgotten God spoke against those who teach rules of men for doctrines Matt 15:9?
Yes, I know the founder of the church/ministry meant well but is it enough to teach for doctrines the commandments of men.
In the secular world, we hold politicians to the rule of law and not their good intentions. We are guided by our work ethics, mission statement and code of conducts in the office and not our good intentions.
Now as mum of boys, what are you teaching the next generation? Are your instructions to them based on what you saw your mum tell your brothers? Or what the society/culture dictates? All guided by your good intentions.
I will like to challenge you and myself today that you need to do more. The world is changing everyday, you need more than the skill sets of yesterday to train today’s children. Your good intention is not enough too! You need to download instruction from the owner’s manual, get updated and be prepared!
Stay blessed!