**food for thought **

I’ll like to share one of the things that motivate me to pay attention to my boys. It is a fact that the male folks can become the endangered species, if care is not taken. I can hear someone say, how do you mean, Abiodun? Well, just look around you and think about that time when it was believed that a girl’s education ends in the kitchen.  Look at how much things have changed. Do you realize so many women empowerment groups were birthed to cater for the peculiar needs of women?

What are we doing to empower the boys too? How many male support groups do you see on social media especially on Facebook? What do they discuss in Men’s fellowship in churches? A friend once told me that he told them in his church men’s fellowship that he will stop attending meeting if they don’t stop talking about how to raise money to build for the church or buy something for the church. No one is teaching them how to be men, how to provide, protect and how to be a priest in their homes. They are not learning how to be husbands and fathers. No wonder we have only few men who understand what it takes to be all that God has purposed them to be.

Women are being empowered and encouraged to continue to break the glass ceiling, this is good seeing I’m a woman 😉 but are we equally empowering our men to be confident and not to chicken out as they watch the girls take the centre – stage?

Like I said, this is one of the reasons why I pay attention to my boys.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with me?


2 thoughts on “**food for thought **

  1. This is rather interesting Abiodun because because I was think about something around the same subject whilst prepping for “back to school” for my two children (older- a boy, younger – a girl)… It’s amazing how changes in time have influenced the society but yes I do agree…. As much as the girls are being enpowered, boys should be empowered as we tend to find the empowerment talks more in religious set ups and little on social media….


  2. OlasinJunior

    Just like the way our society is placing priority (awareness on almost all available platforms) on helping only the raped (Female), neglecting the rapists/potential rapists (Male), who need help the most.


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