Random thoughts!

What is it with the prayers by MCs  at weddings?

This is the second time I will be hearing these prayers at wedding reception.

MC: If bride goes behind the groom to look for another man, God please expose her.

Wedding guests:Amen!

MC:  If the groom goes behind the bride to look for another woman, God please forgive him.

Wedding guests : laughs (some say Amen)

I know it is supposed to be a joke but I don’t find it funny. Adultery is not funny. It is sinful and destructive. Its other names are not affairs, a fling, straying and it’s definitely bigger than cheating.  Those other names make it look like one of those things. It is not at all.

Why am I bothered? Because I do not want my sons to grow up believing that adultery is normal. Girls shouldn’t grow up thinking they have to accept by bad behaviour too.

MCs, stop reinforcing sin or bad behaviour!

Parents, I dare you to raise godly boys!


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts!

  1. Sheri Okuwobi

    Good thoughts and great article, there was a similar incident at my brother in law’s wedding in Nigeria few months ago and it actually caused a big argument on the day. I hope my boys will be godly enough to know better.


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