Before you send your boys on vacation……

All nursery, primary and secondary students are supposed to be on vacation at this period with the exceptions of those preparing for special Exams by next session.

One of the issues that bother parents especially busy parents is where to keep the children when they are on holiday. When I was growing up, I remember my older sisters and cousins used to travel to visit aunties and uncles during the holiday. I have also travelled to stay with relatives at different times.

Things are a bit different in this age and time or should I say that we are more aware of things that are happening around us. We hear about cases of rape and all kinds of abuse including sexual and physical abuse around us and many of us are scared to let our children out of our homes. Most of concerns are actually very valid but does that mean we should keep them under our roofs forever? I don’t think so. Let me share few tips that could help you in making an informed decision below.

1. Before you send your children to any relative, make sure they are old enough to stay there without you or you may consider sending them with their nanny. Children are different but I think they should be fine from 8years.

2. Send them to only trusted relatives or friends, I can’t stress that enough.

3. If you are sending them to their grandparents’ place. Please, make sure their grandma or grandpa is strong enough to supervise them especially if other grandchildren will be coming there too. We were told during a workshop on sexual abuse of children that a lot of  things go wrong at grandpa and grandma’s house. Abuser of children may turn out to be an older cousin or grandma’s neighbour.

4. Your children should be able to do basic things on their own before you consider sending them for vacation. They should be able to brush, bath and dress up on their own. They should also be able to eat on their own.

5. Listen to your children and also, observe their body language. Don’t force them to like one particular aunt or uncle. Don’t force them to go to where they don’t particularly like.

6. Going on vacation is better together as a family. Consider doing that.

7. Above all, pray.

The points above are not exhaustive but I believe they will be of help to you.


2 thoughts on “Before you send your boys on vacation……

  1. Very true and on point. Vacations are better done as a family but where the need for a child to visit family or friends alone, it’s advisable to ensure your child is of age as my sister rightly stated.


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