Keep the answer simple.

My 7 year old son asked me for the meaning of sexual this evening and he actually spelt the word – s-e-x-u-a-l. I had learnt before now not to freak out when I hear certain questions and I had also learnt not to give out more information than is required. I always want to know where the child is coming from and what the child already knows so as to give just the right answer as required. I asked him casually where he got the word. Apparently, he saw a book on child sexual abuse on his teacher’s desk…..Thank God 🙂 How did I answer his question? Well, I told him sexual is about his penis and what he does with it while abuse is bad use of something – in this case, his penis. We’ve learnt about the ‘Underwear Rule’ before now. Penis is used to urinate and it is a private part which must be kept private.  No one is expected to touch inside his underwear. Abuse is when someone wants to touch his penis or play with it. Abuse is also when you use something for what it’s not supposed to be used for. Has your child put you on the spot before? What was the question and how did you answer it?


4 thoughts on “Keep the answer simple.

  1. I think I like the reply you gave. I also think I’m jealous of this teacher whom I don’t know.
    There’s also a kind of sexual abuse that could require the use of one’s fingers or mouth on another’s private part. It doesn’t always have to involve one’s own privates. You may want to include that in your next lesson *winks*.


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