One of the definitions of responsible is accountable. To be accountable is to be answerable for one’s actions. You are accountable if you own up what you have done and you can answer or explain them to someone, at least.
A man who is accountable will give thought to his actions knowing fully well that he will have to answer or explain his actions later. This is a good thing!
Accountability is definitely one of the qualities we need to instil in our boys.
I had the opportunity to teach my son to be careful about his actions this week. He chose to run around the house after his bedtime so, he was looking well rested the following morning. I told him that every action have consequences and he must remember that at all times.
I will create opportunity and continue to look out for opportunities to teach him about responsibility.
For now, my sons should be accountable to me and their dad. I try to create opportunities for that by listening attentively and providing answers to all their questions. So, help me God!

I really want to hear from you. In what ways have you taught your boys to be responsible? In what ways can we teach them to be accountable?


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